Commercial Smart Terminal Business

The Group’s core business is Esmart, with its goal to establish as an “operator of commercial smart platform”. Our core products are cloud data smart platform and commercial terminals, the main features are “software-hardware-in-one, cloud integration, specific design and improvements for the new retail system”; we target the offline retailers in various industries in the PRC, including but not limited to FMCG convenience stores, small-to-medium sized supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, tobacco specialty shops,  wine specialty shops, China Post network, small servicing spots, apparel chain stores, etc.


These businesses include two major perspectives, one is SaaS cloud service platform which is to provide front-and-back desks and cashier functions through establishment of commercial smart platform, it resolves the series of pain and problems from supply chain to the consumer end and provides consolidated and integrated solutions; another perspective is to provide commercial smart terminals to miscellaneous physical shops, as the “commercial cloud terminals” for shop management involving purchase-inventory-sales and various payment, advertising and value-added services. To the end, competitive advantages will be formed from the core database, with the introduction of pioneer technology and through diversified development, a new retail ecosystem will be created.


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