Company Profile

Elife Holdings Limited, Former Name: Sino Resources Group Limited (stock code: 223) The Group is principally engaged in trading businesses across Asia and investment in unconventional gas business in the PRC. As previously disclosed in the latest annual report of the Company, the Group intends to further expand into the consumer products market which benefits the general public.
The development into the daily consumer goods market is vital to the continued success of the Group. The recent change of the Company's name signifies the comprehensive refinement of the Group's development direction and business model in this regard. In the coming year, the Group will be dedicated to expanding into the daily consumer goods and value-added services for the convenience of the public market and other associated businesses, which conforms to its business principles to “benefit people's livelihood and make life easier (惠民生、易生活)”.
The Group is establishing a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with Huimin by means of procurement and sourcing of overseas products for Huimin. In light of the growth potentials in the daily consumer goods and related value-added services market and other associated businesses, the Group intends to expand into the international trading platform (國際貿易平台), which is to be developed based upon the strategic cooperation with Huimin. Entering into the Strategic Cooperation Agreement marked an important milestone in the implementation of such strategic cooperation.