Breaking News! Strategic Alliance Between Skyworth Auto & Elife Holdings Limited Ushering in a new Era of Context Marketing for new Energy Automobiles


Breaking News!

Strategic Alliance Between Skyworth Auto & Elife Holdings Limited

Ushering in a new Era of Context Marketing for new Energy Automobiles  



On November 24, 2023, Elife Holdings Limited formed a strategic alliance with Skyworth Auto, to explore and implement context marketing for Skyworth Auto. Mr Stephen WONG, the founder of Skyworth Group and Skyworth Automobile; Mr Thomas CHIU, CEO of Elife Holdings; Mr CHOW Chi Fai, CFO of Elife Holdings; Mr YANG Hong, President of the Guangdong Marketing Society; Mr WANG Junyu, Vice President of Skyworth Auto and other honoured executives and esteemed guests attended the ceremony. Mr ZHAO Zhenzhong, Executive Director of Elife Holdings signed the Brand Strategy Agreement on behalf of their respective companies.



Formation of the Brand Strategic Alliance on behalf of Skyworth Auto and Elife Holdings Limited


Skyworth Auto is a strong brand of Chinese new energy automobiles. With the car manufacturing prowess of Skywell New Energy Automobile Group and the multi-disciplinary expertise of expertise of Skyworth Group, Skyworth Auto have pioneered a whole new generation of smart, environmentally-friendly, and technologically-advanced automobiles. Skyworth Automobile has resolutely changed the automobile manufacturing landscape by introducing innovative electric cars and forging new pathways in renewable energy initiatives. The cars are truly "Smartly Made in China”. Elife Holdings Limited is listed on the Main Board of the Stock of Hong Kong Limited since 2002 with the stock code of 223.HK. Elife is committed to the mission of Culture-Commerce-Leisure Travel. The company provides product lifecycle management, including a whole series of digital brand management, brand marketing, and brand supply chain. The overarching goal is to achieve rapid growth of brands and to add value through renovation. As both groups are dedicated to create world renown Chinese brands, to showcase the solid power of Smartly Made in China, they have built a synergistically powerful strategic alliance with their shared purpose and vision.




In the future, both groups will work together on digital brand management, digital brand’s communication, and brand supply chain of Skyworth Auto. Building on their respective strengths, and cooperating in different aspects of industrial resources, capital management, and development of outlets, they are certain they can maximize sales profits and achieve a win-win for both parties.


In terms of digital brand management, Elife will help Skyworth Auto in its brand management in four areas: brand recognition, visual communication, IP blast marketing, and continuous enhancement, assisting Skyworth Auto in a systematic management of their brand, to bring out their core competence, and to build emotional connections with their target customer base through visuals and words to deepen their loyalty to the brand. Through IP marketing, the brand will penetrate to target customers, fueling trending and hot spots in social media groups, bolster the brands’ overall image and foster a solid and enduring connection with its large customer base. In the long run, through the systematic enhancement model by Elife, Skyworth Auto will enjoy sustainable exponential growth.


In terms of brand’s communication, through in-depth analyses and thorough exploration of the brand, Elife will provide Skyworth Auto with a comprehensive brand enhancement strategy which speaks to the customer base and interacts with them, promotes the image of Skyworth Auto, allows the target audience to bond with the brand, differentiates itself from competitors, improves brand recognition, and leaves a deep impression in the minds of consumers, to ensure business growth and long-term success of the brand.


In terms of brand supply chain, Elife will resolve issues relating to market penetration in the whole of China, provide reliable online and offline supply chain channels, expand overall marketing and sales positions of Skyworth Auto for rapid market penetration, and solve the problems of operation in major cities of various provinces. Elife is the one-stop shop which provides fully comprehensive service in terms of national distribution, exhibition, display, sales, and distribution points for the brand.


Through the three aspects of digital brand management, brand’s communication, and brand supply chain, Skyworth Auto will be fully supported to create a brand-new context marketing model for new energy automobiles, and achieve in global brand recognition and amazing sales figures.